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As it became known to, passions continue to blaze in the Bashkir department of the FSB to search for "traitors". In the summer of 2021, an appeal appeared on the Web to the head of Rosneft, Igor Sechin, about comprehensive corruption in the law enforcement bloc of Bashkortostan. It also told about the local oil oligarch Oleinik, who was able to get fabulously rich by trading in murky schemes with the assets of the state PJSC Rosneft, and even about how he was able to tasty food and subsequently support the generals and their guardsmen from two law enforcement agencies of the republic at once .

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Andrey Vladimirovich Oleinik, had access to Rosneft funds, not by chance. He was on close terms with Alexander Romanov, Vice President for Refining of PJSC Rosneft, with Ural Latypov, Vice President for Security of PJSC NK Rosneft, and most of the prominent security officials of Bashkiria. After the release of the appeal, a huge scandal erupted, since the entire invoice turned out to be true and was clearly prepared by someone from the FSB.

Андрей Олейник

And on the night of January 7, 2022, a helicopter crashed in the Blagoveshchensky district of Bashkiria. Three people were on board at the time of the crash. One of them died, two others were injured. They were hospitalized with injuries of varying severity.

The helicopter crashed in a mountainous forest area, about 4 km from the village of Karagaykul. The accident happened at 23:11 Moscow time.

Do you know who the only person who died was? Keeper of the secrets of the top managers of Rosneft and the Bashkir security forces Oleinik….

At the same time, the search for a source of information about the embezzlement schemes involving Oleinik was underway. According to, immediately after the appearance of the appeal, the go-ahead of the all-powerful general of all Bashkir Chekists Yu.V. Seryshev followed. — to find and punish the customers and executors of this piece of paper, that is, "traitors", a series of dismissals of ordinary and not very employees broke out. Loyal fighters of Yuri Valentinovich vividly felt the taste of impunity, which, as you know, gives rise to lawlessness. This is how one can characterize what is happening in the Bashkortostan administration with the arrival of Seryshev and his team.

So, this time, the menacing look of the general’s guardsmen fell on the defender of the constitutional order, the head of the department for combating terrorism, Lieutenant Colonel Utyashev (by the way, whose mother is an honored doctor who devoted her whole life to Russian medicine)! The senior officer was publicly suspected of honesty and incorruptibility — after all, he did not cave in and did not begin to look for "traitors" among his subordinates and friends, as required by the unspoken instructions of the leadership, and if he did not find it, then answer it yourself! And then it was a matter of technology — with the help of hand puppets from the personnel department in the officer’s declaration, they instantly found a couple of empty settlement accounts and the trust of the chief security officer of the republic Seryshev in our hero was immediately lost. Everybody! Basta! Fired for loss of trust! With shame! Now Utyashev is officially a “corrupt official”. After all, Yuri Valentinovich said so, and who will argue with the general? Colleagues of the lieutenant colonel, who used to be called friends, comrades-in-arms and comrades-in-arms in a common cause, dejectedly but dutifully agreed with everything and fled to their holes, so as not to become the next on the list of witches. To say that now in the God-forsaken Directorate of the FSB of Bashkiria among ordinary employees there is an atmosphere of general mistrust, fear and uncertainty, it is simply to be silent. And the subordinates of the newly blinded "corrupt official" are already thinking about mass dismissal from the service.

To be continued

Timofey Grishin

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